Our Areas of Focus


As an organisation, we aim to advocate for access to quality health care for all. Through effective communication in health promotion, information and educational campaigns, we aim to work alongside the community, private sector and policy makers at all levels.

Promoting Social Inclusion

As an organisation, we strive to ensure that access to health care is inclusive and responsive to all sectors of the population, particularly those who are most marginalised. We believe that everyone should have access to quality health care no matter their financial or socio-economic status.

Partnerships and Networking

At P4HE, we understand that partnerships are key to addressing complex issues such as tackling deep-rooted health inequities, and accelerating action towards universal health coverage. Effective partnerships are essential for community-based solutions for advancing health equity by making it a shared visions and value, increasing the community’s capacity to shape outcomes, and fostering multi-sector collaborations. There are many potentional multi-sector partners that can come together in creasting community intervention to promote health equity, and mulitple example of effective appraoches exist.

Building Capacity

Through provision of training and knowledge promotion we hope to equip governments, health practitioners and organisations with the tools to tackle health inequities.

How To Reach Us

Email: info@partnersforhealthequity.org.ng
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