Who We Are

Who we are

Partners for Health Equity (P4HE) are a group of young professionals and health economists based in Nigeria working to raise awareness of existing health inequities and work towards a more equitable health system in an effort to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC).


Our Mission

At P4HE, our core ethos is informed by the belief that everyone should have access to quality, affordable health care without being burdened with high costs, which can lead to disruptions in daily lives (disruptions in living standards that may be considered catastrophic). People should not have to choose between affording health care, and feeding their family or access to quality education.

Our mandate is to redirect the focus of key stakeholders, in the health ecosystem, including Government and other organisations to existing inequities faced by Nigerians and to thereby accelerate action geared towards improved healthcare and health seeking behaviour and ultimately contribute to the attainment of UHC.


We aim to advance attitudes, policies and actions to promote justice, social inclusion and partnership in health care. In doing so, we work to advocate, educate and build partnerships towards a just and inclusive health system for all Nigerians.

How To Reach Us

Email: info@partnersforhealthequity.org.ng
Call Us: +234(0)7067652622

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